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‘I’m terrified’: Fight over Fircrest School divides families of people with developmental disabilities

Forrest Sargent, 26, walks home from his job with Sam Melton, co-manager of the adult rehabilitation program, at the Fircrest School in Shoreline where he is a resident. He is profoundly autistic, and was really struggling before coming to Fircrest, which his parents say, has helped him to dramatically improve. Many of the residents in the Intermediate Care Facility where Sargent lives, come to Fircrest for stabilization while in crisis.

Photographed at Fircrest Tuesday, May 30, 2017.

For developmentally disabled people, integration into the community is considered a civil right. But what if an institution is the safest place? A new attempt by Washington state lawmakers to close Fircrest School in Shoreline — and reap millions from the property — shows why families are bitterly divided.  VIEW

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